■ REVIEW: Kaitlyn
Tough childhood gives story depth

As six-year-old Kaitlyn’s family is torn apart and her life changed forever when she witnesses her alcoholic father almost kill her little brother Christopher.

The toddler survives the attack and after being taken into care is eventually adopted by a wealthy family.

Most of all, Kaitlyn dreams of being reunited with her brother. However, the family that was torn apart by a violent tragedy is finally reunited by a twist of fate that threatens to destroy all their lives.

This one’s got plenty of drama and will pull you in to caring for the characters.

Author Kevin Lewis spent his childhood years in the tough council estates of South East London and the world he lived in there helped kick off his literary career with two autobiographical books: The Kid and The Kid Moves On.

Now he’s moved on to fiction but has used his own childhood memories to add a layer of realism to the dark underworld in this story.

The story is sad at times and often uncomfortably gritty but it’s a good read.

Kaitlyn, by Kevin Lewis (Penguin, $25)

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