■ REVIEW: The Crazy School
Disturbing world uncovered

After moving to the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts with her husband Dean, Madeline Dare takes on a job as a teacher at an academy for troubled teens with wealthy families.

At the academy, she discovers a disturbing world where the founder’s manipulative ways and “therapeutic regimen” leave Madeline feeling uneasy. She questions his methods but that causes her fellow teacher to turn on her.

Eventually, her worst suspicions are confirmed by a nasty event that hints at an even darker secret lurking in the academy’s history that still affects it now.

This is the second story by this author featuring Maddie Dare and is packed with excitement, drama and intrigue.

Don’t be put off if you haven’t read the first book: this way my introduction to Cornelia Read’s work and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Crazy School, by Cornelia Read (Allen & Unwin,  RRP $35)

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