■ REVIEW: Terms and Conditions
Quirky debut mixes drama, mystery to good effect

I’m not usually a fan of the books that insist on footnotes. I avoid them or make a slow decision about whether they are actually needed and what they could possibly add to the book. Why not just include those moments in the main text of the story?

However, for New Zealand author Robert Glancy I made an exception.

Terms and Conditions is a quirky debut novel about a man named Frank. Frank has been in a car accident resulting in memory loss and he is trying to piece together not only who he is but also what he believes his wife, family and co-workers are hiding from him.

Footnotes are practically on every page, giving the reader a true understanding of Frank’s voice and complementing his personality and job as a contracts man specialising in the small print.

It is part mystery, part family drama and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has moments of comedy, gives insightful contemplations and always speaks with honesty.

If you want to read something slightly different to the norm, then pick up Terms and Conditions. You won’t regret it*.

* I promise.

Terms and Conditions, by Robert Glancy (Bloomsbury, RRP $30)

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