■ REVIEW: The Half Life of Stars
Gently entertaining

Continuing on her successful move from singer to writer, Louise Wener has come up with another delightful novel.

The Half Life of Stars is the story of loss and impact. Claire’s older brother Daniel disappears one day — he leaves work one afternoon and vanishes into thin air. Married, rich and successful, his disappearance proves a mystery.

This is the story of a family with ghosts to bury, trying to live in the present while coping with the past.

When Daniel disappears, it is Claire — promiscuous, divorced, fluent in six languages, yet hopeless at interpreting life — who knows him best and who sets out to find him.

It’s a story that isn’t overly challenging but it will keep you wanting to read the next chapter.

Sometimes it’s good to have a gently entertaining read. This is one of those times.

The Half Life of Stars, by Louise Wener (Hodder & Stoughton, $36.99)

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