■ REVIEW: Molly and the Cat Cafe
Fresh feline perspective

Cutsie animal stories are nothing new, but this little tale of love, loss and new beginnings is told from the point of view of the cutsie animal concerned, giving it a fresh take and and an unusual angle.

Molly the cat has a pretty happy life – eating, sleeping, attacking Christmas decorations and generally living the pampered life.

But all that changes when she loses her beloved owner. We don’t always think about the trauma for animals when they lose their owners/staff, but in many cases, I’m sure they certainly feel a sense of loss.

Molly, our intrepid four-legged heroine of the story, is rehomed in a move that isn’t entirely successful: the two-year-old tabby isn’t exactly made welcome in her new home that features three cat-hating dogs.

Like all good moggies, Molly is a tough wee cookie, and like all good heroines of any story, she is also fiercely independent. So she gathers up all her courage and hits the road, embarking on a gruelling journey to the nearest town. However, as she wanders the streets of Stourton, she begins to wonder if she will ever find herself a home.

But a chance meeting with cafe owner Debbie proves to be a turning point for Molly. Debbie has a lot in common with Molly, being a bit of an outsider herself, and the two quickly bond.

Debbie’s cafe isn’t particularly successful and — with a daughter to care for — she’s keen to turn the business around. Could launching the first cat cafe in the Cotswolds be the answer to her business woes?

This is a lightweight little story but still quite sweet. It’s likely to appeal mainly to cat-lovers, but since there are so many of us around, that should equate to a good chunk of sales!

Molly and the Cat Cafe, by Melissa Daley (Macmillan Publishers, RRP $25)

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