■ REVIEW: Life With My Sister Madonna
Nothing too startling from a snotty little brother

Madonna’s brother has jumped on the publicity bandwagon with a book that I suppose will make him some money but certainly won’t gain him any favour with his famous sister.

Christopher Ciccone has worked with his sister during her career in his capacity as a dancer/choreographer but I suspect that after this little literary effort, he won’t be asked to sign on for her next tour.

Ciconne has written this memoir based on “47 years of growing up with, and working with, and understanding the most famous woman of our time.”

Apart from the “most famous” part of the equation being incredibly subjective, the “growing up” part is also up for debate because having read this book, I don’t think Madonna’s snippy little brother has done a lot of growing up. The whole book reads like a name-dropping exercise on his part and it seems like he takes every opportunity to present his sister in a bad light.

Yes, she’s famous, and yes, I’m sure shes quite different behind closed doors to the public persona she presents to her fans. But you know what? I think we’d all have to be pretty stupid not to know that anyway, her being human and all.

It’s an interesting book from a gossipy, dish-the-dirt point of view but there’s really nothing too startling in it. It’s neither insightful enough to be really interesting nor juicy enough to be really fun.

Life With My Sister Madonna, by Christopher Ciccone with Wendy Leigh (Simon & Schuster, RRP $28)

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