■ REVIEW: Plastic Spoons
High-achieving Kiwis tell how they did it

Most of us dream about what we might do if we suddenly found ourselves wealthy: what we’d do with a big Lotto win or other unexpected windfall, how we’d live our lives if we had millions of dollars in the bank.

For some Kiwis, that isn’t a dream, it’s a reality, and that reality is examined in the book Plastic Spoons.

Author Steve Grounds has talked to self-made millionaires about how they made it, what they did to get that wealth and how it has affected their lives.

Very few people are actually born with a silver spoon in their mouth so most of those who do manage to gain the title of millionaire have worked hard for their success. This book looks at how you can get to that same place, what it takes to become a multi-millionaire (apart from the obvious multiple millions of dollars) and how that wealth can mean more than just dollars.

Okay, so I could be a cynic and say the author doesn’t have a lot of faith in his own abilities because there was a post-paid envelope tucked into the front cover of the book so we could sent it back if we didn’t want to review it but the book itself is actually quite interesting. It gives a wee bit of an insight into the lives and minds of some very successful and happy New Zealanders and shows that anyone can achieve their goals.

You might not be counting your millions after reading this but you will be left feeling pretty upbeat.

Plastic Spoons, by Steve Grounds (Life-Choice Publishing)

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