■ REVIEW: Buying Your First Home
Good advice for home-buyers

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the global credit crunch that is currently hitting us all but these tough economic times do have an upside for some.

The experts are now saying housing affordability is at its best level since 2005 so if you’re in the the market for a house, now might be a good time to buy. Providing you have a decent deposit, that is.

This book offers up clear and concise information on just how to go about buying your first home, including why, what, when and where to buy, budgeting, negotiations, banks and loans, and dealing with lawyers and real estate agents.

There’s also a range of simple explanations for some of those real estate terms you might come across when looking to buy, such as caveats, easements and covenants.

All-in-all, this book is likely to be a valuable resource for all potential homebuyers, not just the first-timers. And at less than $30 it’s good value.

Buying Your First Home: An Essential Kiwi Guide, by Cate Foster and Shelley Bridgeman (Renaissance Publishing, RRP $27.99)

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