■ REVIEW: Tips from your Grandad
Useful stuff from another generation

Have you ever noticed how that whole “older and wiser” is more often than not true?

I was the youngest of a large family so by the time I arrived on the scene both of my grandads were gone and I missed out on getting to hear any words of wisdom they may have wanted to share.

If you crave some of that olde worlde wisdom and practical advice that grandads seem to know, this is the perfect book.

Thirty-something author Robyn Paterson is aiming at the 20 to 39-year-old city-dwellers out there who want to be a little more self-sufficient but need some help with the basics.

The tips cover everything from car maintenance to growing fruit and catching fish and is a great little book that you will dip into time and time again.

It’s all put together in a fun, light- hearted package that isn’t preachy or condescending but instead is quite chatty, much like the average grandad.

Tips from your Grandad, by Robyn Paterson (Longacre, RRP $36.99)

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