■ REVIEW: How to go Boating and Where
Useful guide for wannabe boaties

This chunky little hardback represents real value for money and is perfect for everyone who wants to begin their own boating career or who wants to add to their knowledge.

Written in the same style as his previous bestseller on the art of fishing, this book covers everything from how to buy a boat through to how to launch it, ski from it, catch fish from it and, most important of all, how to stay safe while doing so.

Mike Rendle is the author of 2013 bestselling title How to Catch Fish and Where: The Complete Kiwi Beginner’s Guide. He has also appeared on TV fishing shows, run seminars and educated others in the use of marine electronics and water safety. During his time as a fishing magazine editor he nurtured many of the current crop of fishing talent and loves nothing more than to help new fishermen succeed on their own.

How to go Boating and Where: The Complete Kiwi Guide
By Mike Rendle (Bateman, RRP $30)

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