■ REVIEW: The School of Home Truths
Good investment for home-buyers

 If you’re thinking of buying or selling a house, this book would be a good investment.

Finance writer Martin Hawes has written this to be a direct tie-in with the television series of the same name. He says we’re losing about $1 billion a year on the sale of our homes. Ouch.

He also says we can fix that. The author’s experience in property has given him the background knowledge to write what is an easy-to-understand book that offers eight simple lessons for anyone looking at delving into the property market.

Hawes reckons that armed with this book, the average Kiwi could save $10,000 on the sale of their home.

That’s not to be sneezed at.

I’m no expert on the property market but I can see the logic in what Hawes teaches. And hey, a dollar saved is more money to spend on the house-warming.

The School of Home Truths, by Martin Hawes (Schoal Bay, $29.99)

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