■ REVIEW: The Career Maze
Help with choosing the right career path

If you’re a parent, chances are you have on occasions worried about just what the future holds for junior.

Every year thousands of youngsters get lost in the career maze, bogged down by information overload and a lack of direction.

The end result is that they end up making the wrong career choices: taking the wrong study paths, rushing their decisions and ending up failing and confused.

New Zealand-based career consultant Heather carpenter presents the facts, suggesting simple tools that will help parents point their kids in the right direction and, hopefully, set them on the right path for them.

The advice is clear and well set out and given Dr Carpenter’s background as a career consultant, counsellor and educator, it’s also likely to be right.

The Career Maze, by Heather Carpenter PhD (New Holland Publishers, RRP $24.99)

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