■ REVIEW: Smart Moves
Safe as houses

With the current boisterous real estate market, you can understand why so many people see selling property as a good way to make a living.

Smart Moves author Marnie Adams is one of New Zealand’s top real estate agents, selling more than $200,000,000 of residential property in just four years and in this book she shares the secrets of her success.

Smart Moves offers advice on all aspects of the real estate industry, including motivation, self-belief, branding, marketing, planning and dealing with clients.

You’ll find tips on how to negotiate, how to connect with clients and how to boost sales – and not just in real estate.

Even if you’re not planning on making the move into the world of  real estate, you’ll find this a fascinating read.

Smart Moves, by Marnie Adams (Random House, RRP $29.99)

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