■ REVIEW: Make Your Database Your Goldmine | 101 Quick Tips: Effective Communication
Practical guides in plain English

Debbie Mayo-Smith has written a lot of books on a lot of topics but all of them are aimed at making the reader more successful in their chosen field, and these offerings are no different.

Sure, the titles do sound a lot like those spammy ads you stumble across online (“click here to buy now …”) but the information in the books is far more useful than anything you’ll find in those dodgy ads.

With Make Your Database Your Goldmine, she shows how you can use a database to help you make more money, improve customer relationships and save time.

It’s packed with practical guides and lots of real examples, all written in plain English. Mayo-Smith shows how the information you already have on hand can make a huge difference in your business, and how easy it is to make use of it.

101 Quick Tips: Effective Communication is packed with tips to make yourself more more memorable and persuasive.

The information covers talking to clients, writing emails or simply entertaining friends and acquaintances and shares techniques to help you get your message across.

Make Your Database Your Goldmine and 101 Quick Tips: Effective Communication, both by Debbie Mayo-Smith (Penguin, RRP $40 and $25.95 respectively)

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