■ REVIEW: Hey You
Humorous book on names has a Kiwi twist

I’m sure we’ve all, at some point, looked up the meaning of our own name in one of those dinky little books that list all the names you can think of (and a few you never would have thought of in a million years).

However, this book is much more than just a list of boys’ and girls’ names: it is an up-to-date guide that has a significant Kiwi flavour and a touch of humour.

It includes information on legal obligations and how to avoid “unintentional gaffes” such as naming your poor child Bridget Una Morrison or Samuel Oliver Dixon (names with unfortunate initials that the books says really did happen). I remember my dear old mum telling me of a friend who very nearly gave their daughter the names Sandra Helen Irene to go with a surname beginning with T so I suppose it happens more often that you might think.

The author also looks at what it’s like to have an unusual name and includes a section on rhythmic patterns, so you can try to balance first and last names.

There are probably dozens of books on baby names on the market at this very moment but this one does have enough points of difference to make it worth spending your money one.

Hey You: A Kiwi Compendium of Baby Names, by Rosemary Hepozden (Renaissance Publishing, RRP $25)

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