■ REVIEW: Save Money on your Mortgage
Expert shares his knowledge

What Martin Hawes doesn’t know about handling your finances isn’t worth knowing. This time around, in Save Money on Your Mortgage, he’s tackling what is most likely our biggest financial outlay, and our biggest debt: our mortgage. More specifically, he shows how we can save money on our mortgage.

This is the updated version of one of his earlier books, and number 15 in his literary career. He’s written about family trusts and successful investments but I think it’s safe to say the mortgage topic is the one most of us can relate to.

The economy has been more than a little twitchy over the past year or so but armed with the information in this book, the average Joe Bloggs should be able to end up with a little more of their hard-earned cash in their own back pocket, or even pay off their mortgage a whole lot faster than they thought possible.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of simply choosing the best mortgage package for you and your current situation. Sometimes it’s a lot more complex than that.

Sure, a lot of the information is out there already if you know where to look but this book makes it easy, pulling all the good information and advice into one handy package.

Save Money on your Mortgage, by Martin Hawes (Penguin, RRP $30)

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