■ REVIEW: What Your Mother Should've Told You
Advice in times of need

Knowing what to do, and when, is not always something that comes easily to everyone and, let us be honest, common sense is not quite as common as it once was.

This little book is the go-to guide for anyone stuck in a tricky situation: you will learn how to navigate the minefield of 21st-century dilemmas, including how to end a friendship, how to recover from an email faux pas and how to deal with public speaking. Ever been stuck on a bad date and wondered how to get out of it?

This book will tell you how (note, it does not involve setting fire to the restaurant or faking urgent phone calls).

This is a varied selection of advice, covering everything from funeral etiquette and online dating to dealing with boring people at parties.

The advice is all straight-forward and exactly the sort of thing my dear old mum, who was something of a straight talker, would have offered.

This could be a great little investment.

What Your Mother Should’ve Told You, by Natalie Reilly (Fairfax Books, RRP $23)

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