Elusive Wally gives hours of fun

Where’s Wally? The Great Picture Hunt and The Totally Essential Travel Collection, both by Martin Handford (Walker Books, RRP $16 and $39):

It’s school holiday time so if you’re want something to keep the youngsters occupied, this is it.

Wally is an elusive little character and these books are packed with Wally, and others, for you to track down.

Don’t be deceived by the tiny size of  The Great Picture Hunt: there’s plenty in there to keep anyone busy and it comes complete with a free magnifying lens.

The Totally Essential Travel Collection pulls the classic books into one tidy volume and has proved to be a totally non-essential distraction for me. At nearly $40 the price might seem a little steep but with the hours of entertainment you’ll find in this, it actually represents great value for money.

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