Drug-running thriller a solid debut

The Terror of Living, by Urban Waite (Simon & Schuster, RRP $40):

Ex-con Phil Hunt has spent the past 20 years working on a ranch with his wife, making a living and just getting on with life.

Every now and then he has supplemented his income with a spot of drug running, as you do.

After 20 years, he has become comfortable with his life and the easy perks involved in drug smuggling.

Of course, things are never as smooth as they seem and Deputy Sheriff Bobby Drake is on the trail of the smugglers.

Drake is secretly watching Hunt when a big drug deal in the mountains turns to custard and sets off a race against time.

Hunt manages to evade Drake, but the ruthless traffickers are his biggest problem.

The thriller market is a crowded place, with dozens of fantastic authors (and probably thousands of average ones) vying for our attention.

Urban Waite’s story stacks up well. His characters sometimes do feel a little cliched, but they are believable. He’s no Lee Child, but this is his first novel and it’s a fairly solid debut.

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