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The New Zealand Plant Doctor, by Andrew Maloy (New Holland Publishers, RRP $24.99):

My gardening talents (or lack of them) are legendary but I think I’ve found the perfect book to give any plant that has the misfortune of meeting me a fighting chance.

I’m the only person I know who has managed to kill a fake plant. Yes, a fake plant. I left it in the sun too long, leading to the glue drying out and the leaves falling off.

After that confession I’m sure you can imagine the horrors I’ve inflicted upon real plants over the years.

The format of this book is a question and answer session. Green-fingered guru Andrew Maloy has managed to put together a book I can both understand and enjoy.

He has included answers to the most common problems faced by Kiwi gardeners, with advice on eradicating disease, pest and weed control, feeding and more.

He even covers organics for the true greenies out there.

Spring is sprung so now’s the time to add this one to your bookshelf.

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