More to Guevara than that image

The Young Che:  Memories of Che Guevara, by Ernesto Guevara Lynch (Random House, $29.99):

Everyone knows that famous image of Che Guevara that adorns T-shirts and posters, that of a young revolutionary looking all wind-swept and interesting in his flash beret.

Unfortunately, that photograph, taken by Cuban photographer Alberto Korda, may be all that some younger readers know of Che, and there’s certainly much more to the bloke than an image.

This book, written by Che Guevara’s father, offers an inside look at his life from his birth, to the moment he joined Fidel Castro to train for the invasion of Cuba. That action changed young Che’s life, and the course of history.

There are actually two books forming this volume: My Son Che and A Soldier of the Americas, both written by Ernesto Guevara Lynch. It also includes a diary of Che’s bicycle journey around Northern Argentina.

It is a fascinating insight into what shaped the development of someone who became the poster child of socialist revolutionary movements and a cultural icon.

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