Even the undead need to pay the bills

Undead and Unemployed
By Mary Janice Davidson (Piatkus, $24.99):

Betsy Taylor has a shoe fetish, a fetish she retains even after dying and rising as the new Queen of the Vampires.

However, being undead royalty doesn’t mean you can dodge paying your credit card bills so Betsy lands a job selling designer shoes.

A string of vampire murders in town has Betsy enlisting the help of Eric Sinclair, a vampire who tends to infuriate her.

Besides, she managed to accidentally marry him last time they ran into each other.

It’s not often you find a romance-gothic-humorous novel all rolled into one.

This isn’t going to win any major literary awards but it is lots of fun and the perfect book to accompany a nice glass of wine on a boring winter night.

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