Holy crap, Batman. It’s December!

December 6, 2013

Some Christmas gift ideas for your book-tacular friends and family. Please excuse the dodgy video quality (filmed with my webcam because I was too lazy to get my camcorder from the other room). Happy shopping … books are way better than socks, and much easier to wrap. 🙂

And yes, I have just tweaked this video a little … it needed to be uploaded again at a slightly higher quality.

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I come from the other land down under, where men are men, and sheep are nervous. I'm a sub-editor and in the past have been a proof-reader, news editor and web editor. I am also an ex-columnist, and book and software reviewer for the local daily newspaper.I still read. A lot. And surf the web. Also a lot.You'll find a little about both of those pastimes here, and on By George.

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