Inspiration for success

Lead to Succeed, by Craig Lewis (Harper, $29.99):

When it comes to self-motivation, elite athletes have the market cornered.

These guys (and gals) have the drive and stamina to push themselves to their limits, constantly striving for excellence.

This book of inspiring anecdotes and case studies is a source of new ideas for those who want to be the best they can be in their personal, professional and sporting lives.

It calls itself a book for those who want to lead, exploring the qualities essential to success in both sports and business — and while I’m a bit of cynic about these things, I was left feeling like that claim wasn’t too much of a stretch.

Author Craig Lewis is a respected performance coach whose credentials include the Kiwis’ 2005 Tri-Nations rugby league campaign.

His experience and successes give him the know-how to offer good advice without breaking in to those oh-so-corny cliches that many how-to-succeed books drown in.

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