Killers at Large

Killers at Large, by Nigel Cawthorne (Constable & Robinson, RRP $29.99):

The proliferation of cop shows on television makes it clear that we have a fascination with solving mysteries.

However, in real life, sometimes the mystery is never solved and the bad guys are never caught. In an ideal world, the crime is solved and some red-headed dude in a bad suit removes his sunglasses as he stands, hands on hips, muttering “take him”. But this isn’t CSI Miami and Horatio is just a figment of some very clever scriptwriter’s imagination.

This book looks at the crimes that were never solved. Murderers and serial killers don’t always get caught  and in the United States alone, it is estimated that there might be up to 500 murderers on the loose. Some of them will most likely step it up and go on to become serial killers.

Cases covered in Killers at Large include the Zodiac Killer who terrorised the northern California area during the 1960, leaving encrypted messages after each murder; th eMonster of Florence, responsible for a series of 15 slayings near Florence and Argentina’s crazed highway killer, who has mutilated at least five people since 1997. There are also dozens of others in this book, offering a frightening look at what we are capable of doing to each other.

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