Nicely put together guide to controlling your email

Conquer Your Email Overload, by Debbie Mayo-Smith (Penguin, $29.95):

Without a doubt, one of the most useful things about being online is e-mail. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the worst things about being online.

While e-mail has revolutionised the way we keep in touch, becoming an important means of communication in today’s world, it is a double-edged sword. The unpleasant side effect of being online and out there is spam, unsolicited e-mails that fill our inboxes and take up far too much of our time.

You can easily spend hours sorting through unwanted e-mails or, even worse, lose wanted e-mails amid the junk-mail in your inbox.

Author Debbie Mayo-Smith teaches strategies to deal with your e-mail overload. Her book includes more than 300 tips and simple, time-saving shortcuts to tame your inbox.

Most of the information in this book is probably available in your e-mail programme’s help files but having it presented in the logical, straight forward form contained in the book makes for a much more pleasant experience with illustrations, step-by-step instructions and screenshots.

Keep this one beside your computer.

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