How to dodge the tax man

Pay Zero Taxes, by Peter Sibbald (Reed Business, $24.99):

Michael Cullen, please cover your eyes. Are we ready? No peeking now. Okay, we all pay taxes and I think it’s safe to say none of us is thrilled about it.

How about paying no taxes? Peter Sibbald claims he can have us Kiwis doing just that.

In his book, he offers practical advice on saving money on taxes with tips and techniques to increase your real income through income splitting strategies, tax deductions and more.

Everything in the book is legal and legit so you’ll have no worries about needing to get the name of the mob’s accountant. It’s simply a clearly explained treasure trove of tax-saving strategies that the Inland Revenue Department doesn’t publicise but does allow.

The author, a Christchurch-based chartered accountant, has more then 20 years’ experience in public practice and company accounting.

UPDATE (May 1, 2008): Oops, the author’s been a naughty boy! The book is still an interesting read, though.

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