Good book for budding cooks

Let’s Cook: Tasty recipes from Wattie’s Project Cook (Penguin, RRP $30):

This is the perfect book if you’ve got any budding cooks in your house.

Let’s Cook features more than 70 recipes written for young cooks (or even grown-ups who are a bit cooking challenged).

All the recipes have simple instructions and are well illustrated, which is a must if you want to inspire the inexperienced cook to give it a go.

The layout is clear and easy to follow and the book has plenty of tips and optional variations for the more experimental.

You’ll find everything from snacks to full meals, including desserts, and all the recipes are not just simple, they are also tasty.

Don’t be put off if you’re not an 8-year-old kid: this is a great wee cookbook for chefs of all ages.

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