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October 4, 2008

Arctic Diary: Surviving on Thin Ice, by Sam and Richard Branson (Virgin, RRP $27.99):

Richard Branson, the entrepreneur behind the wildly successful Virgin Group, is one of those astonishingly rich people who is also astonishingly adventurous.

With all that money he could holiday on any tropical island his heart desired. Hell, he could probably buy a tropical island if he really wanted to. But no, that would be far too easy.

Instead, Sir Richard’s son Sam packed up his father, gathered together an intrepid film crew and a bunch of equally intrepid expedition members and embarked on a wee journey to the Arctic. As you do.

Sam Branson explores the stunning landscape and the lives of the native people who survive in the Arctic, sleeping on frozen seas and dealing with polar bears and other interesting wee surprises.

Like a lot of the rich and famous these days, the Bransons are using their fame to spread the word about what we should be doing to look after our planet but this isn’t a preachy “you should be wearing hemp undies” kind of book.

What it is, is a real, old-fashioned adventure.

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