Trade Me tale doesn’t quite hit the mark

February 1, 2007

Trade Me the Novel, by Geoff Vause (Tauiwi, $25):

There’s been quite a buzz both online and off about this book, which delves into the world of auction website Trade Me as a basis for its plot.

A trader auctions off her father’s jacket, not knowing it contains something important. The story then follows the jacket’s travels as it is passed between traders and the efforts of a pair of industrial spies chasing the jacket.

Parts of the book were good, with a fast-paced story and some real humour. However, a lot of the characters felt far too two-dimensional for me to want to make the effort to care about them.

There’s a lot of chat on the Trade Me message board about the book and many real-life traders seem to be excited by it.

However, I think that may be more to do with the fact that they can relate to the trading side of it rather than the characters.

Unless, of course, there’s a seedy underworld of traders bonking one another with gay abandon.

I’d give this one blue feedback.

Jillian Allison-Aitken

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