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December 28, 2007

Fl!p, by Peter Sheahan (Random House, $39.99):

Aussie business guru Peter Sheahan might be just 30 years old but he’s already built himself an impressive reputation in the business world as a consultant to some pretty major organisations, including L’Oreal, Fairfax, Google, Coca-Cola and BMW.

There are plenty of books around that claim to offer some special insight into the world of business and while it would be easy to dismiss this an just another one of them, Fl!p deserves a second look.

The author has had an interesting life and writes well enough to pull the reader into the message he’s selling: that of counter-intuitive thinking.

Sheahan reckons the superstars of modern business all have the ability to think counter-intuitively — or flip — and then act boldly, with no regard for the normal conventions.

Even if you’re not involved in the business world, you’ll probably find this one quite readable.

Jillian Allison-Aitken

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